Scarves Due Soon!

knit together in love scarf project poster sidebar buttonIf you need to be reminded of the address to send the Knit Together In Love scarves to email me at:

We need them all to be in by January 6th!

75 Family Christmas Traditions

75 christmas


Looking for some new Christmas activities or hoping to start a new tradition?  I am posting over at The Better Mom today with 75 creative traditions!  Come take a look and get some new ideas or add to the list if you think something was forgotten!


Cyber Monday Sale!

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Visit Faith of a Family here!

Knit Together In Love 2013

I’m so excited!  This is the 10th year anniversary of the Knit Together in Love: scarf project!  

In case you aren’t familiar with the KTIL project here is a little bit about us.

Knit Together In Love is a project dedicated to providing and sending warm, handmade scarves to missionaries around the world so they may distribute them to people such as poor children, orphans, the elderly or to use in their women and children’s ministries.

Our goal is to warm people physically in hopes that their hearts might be warmed spiritually to the Gospel.

Watch this video to find out how it all started!

This year I’d like to invite YOU to join the Knit Together in Love scarf project!

We would love to have you join the scarf project by donating a handmade scarf or two to bless children and those in need.  Last year we collected 400+ scarves to send to 5 different countries!  We are kicking the scarf project off again this year and you have until October 4th to sign up to be involved and until January 6th to send your scarves in.

You can find all of the specific details of how you can help, contact information, a video and the sign up form by clicking the Knit Together In Love tab on the menu bar.  Even if you can’t knit or crochet a scarf there are still ways you can help!

Here is a sampling of pictures from previous projects.  We ask for pictures from the missionaries from each country the scarves are sent to.  This past year I had the amazing opportunity to actually hand deliver some of the scarves to children in New Zealand during a Bible in School day.  You can read more about my trip and see some additional pictures here.

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Women Living Well Conference 2013

This past weekend I flew over to the Women Living Well conference!

On this trip I had the opportunity to meet each of the speakers, ladies who I’d met online but had never had the chance to talk with in person.  I can tell you right now that even after a few minutes of spending time with them I knew this was a FUN group of ladies!

Each of the ladies had something special about them, a unique passion and it came out in their conversation as well as their key notes at the conference.  There was a beautiful diversity but a clear unified bond in Christ.

This is a group picture of all of us after a fun dinner!

women living well


Please a take a moment to checkout all of their wonderful websites if you haven’t already!

Angela- Good Morning Girls, Janelle- Comfy in the Kitchen, Katina (she directed the conference), Karen- Proverbs 31,, Whitney-Good Morning Girls

Ruth-The Better Mom, Clair- Peak Fitness,  Courtney-(Women Living Well), Jen-Good Morning Girls, ME , Darlene-Time Warp Wife 

Over the next few days I spent time getting to know these ladies and trying to lend a hand when possible as they prepared for the conference.  They were all very kind and I so enjoyed getting to know them!

On conference day I sat in the front and tried to capture it all on camera to help Courtney out, which proved to be a bit challenging.  These girls are super expressive and exciting which made it a little bit hard to get a good shot (I think we got a few) but I wouldn’t change them for anything.  The energy and passion was great!

I loved the way the conference was planned out.  Each speaker had a chance to share with us the passion the Lord had laid on their heart.  Such wisdom and encouragement on topics like marriage, parenting, walking with God, health, ministry and more!

Then after each speaker there would be a Q&A panel.  Courtney would invite up three or four of the speakers and then she would ask them questions related to the topic that had just been discussed.  Each woman had a unique perspective and something different to bring to the table.  I took lots of notes during these Q&A sessions!

Two ladies I was very excited to meet where Courtney and Darlene.  I have read their blogs for several years now and couldn’t believe I was finally going to get to meet them in person!

Courtney’s kind, larger than life personality wins you over quickly.  She is such a joyful, generous person and I’m happy to know her!
Darlene is a sweet, friendly lady with a testimony of hope and grace that touches my heart deeply and makes me smile when I see her.
As I said I have enjoyed both of their blogs, Women Living Well and Time-Warp Wife, for quite a while now.  If you haven’t begun following them, you should!
Another BIG highlight of my week was being able to spend time with my friend Olivia!  She is such a beautiful example of biblical womanhood and a great hope giver.  I just LOVED spending time with her and her family that will be growing bigger in a few months!  I won’t mention their names so as not to embarrass them (such humble people), but Olivia’s Mother and Father-in-love allowed me to stay in their beautiful home while I was in town.  Such sweet people and very generous!   I so enjoyed my time with them.
I arrived home late Monday night feeling blessed and refreshed.  Many new friends and great memories were made!
If you missed the Women Living Well conference you still have a chance to be encouraged by it!  Very soon Courtney will be posting videos of each wonderful session on her blog.  I would encourage you to check it out.  It will be worth your time!
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Protecting Your Fertility

Protecting Your FertilityAn important part of preparing for motherhood is protecting your fertility as a single woman.

Do you know how to protect your fertility?

I’m posting over at The Better Mom with a few ways women can strive to protect their ability to conceive children.

Join me?

FREE Printable Safety Cards

I’m posting over at The Better Mom today with some FREE Printable Emergency/Safety Cards!

Need a one stop place to save all of your family’s emergency numbers, allergy information and medication lists?  This printable is for you!

The Better Mom has so many great contributors that share amazing posts.  I highly recommend this blog!

Ultimate Beauty Bag Winner!

I am very happy to announce the winner of the Ultimate Beauty Bag and “Single Girl” ebook giveaway!   I will be contacting you by email and you will have until Monday night to respond so you can collect your prize.

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Lisa Baucom Chambers

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Happy Valentines Day!!! 2013

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Easy T-Shirt Headband Tutorial

Today I really felt like being crafty and making something fun but I didn’t feel like going to the store.  I decided to look around the house and see what we had on hand that I could use.  I settled on making this cute little headband out of an old T-shirt.  Do you like it?  These are the steps I used to make it.

What you’ll need:

  • An old T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • A needle and thread 
First lay out a clean T-shirt.  Cut two strips from around the waist and use your hands to stretch them out a bit.  Weave the pieces together as shown in pictures 4-6.  Then pull the strands tight like picture 7.  Cut a small piece of extra fabric from the T-shirt and use your needle and thread to secure the ends of the headband with the extra piece of fabric.  Because the the knit fabric of the T-shirt is stretchy it should be able to slip over your head easily and stay in place securely.

And here is the finished product!  I’m really liking the braided knot accent, simple and unique.

What do you think?  What type of outfit would you wear a headband like this with?

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