How to Find Your Ministry

How to Find Your MinistryWhen you think of the word “ministry” what comes to mind?  Do you think of a pastor or missionary? While these certainly are important the word “ministry” is a much broader term.

Ministry, simple put, is the practice of serving others and furthering the Gospel.  Having a ministry is the joyful duty of every believer.  God entrusted each of us with gifts and talents for the purpose of serving others, especially those in the body of Christ.  It is our responsibility to be good stewards of those gifts and talents, to use them well for Christ.

What if you don’t have a ministry, how do you find yours?

I would recommend that you start by considering your strengths and making a list.

Spiritual Gifts
What are your spiritual gifts?  Every Christian has one or more spiritual gifts.  You can find a list of some of the gifts in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12.  I’m not convinced that these are the only spiritual gifts a person could have but it’s a good starting place.   Please take note that not all of these gifts listed (such as apostleship) are still in use today.  Read through the list and ask yourself if any of these gifts characterize your strengths.  If one or more of them do write it down.

It is said there are around 16 basic personality types. You can find various free personality tests online that you might want to consider taking. The tests I’ve taken seem very accurate and helpful. They don’t take much time to complete either. At the end, there is usually a personality description with notes about probable strengths and weaknesses. When looking for a quiz make sure the website you choose has a decent worldview.  Once you define your personality write down your strengths and take note of your weaknesses, there is always room for improvement.

Interests & Goals
Interests are things that we like to do, have a passion for or have a fascination with. Our interests will change some over the years, but a lot of the time you will be able to see some consistencies. Take a moment to consider what things you like to do in your free time, write them down.  Also, look at your goals or bucket list to help define your interests.

After you’ve made a list of your spiritual gifts, personality traits, goals and interests you should have an easier time finding a ministry.

Ministry doesn’t have to be a full time job or a big project.  Ministry can be a thousand little things you do every day to bless others.  Ministry sometimes involves sacrifice of our time and resources but that doesn’t meant it can’t be extremely enjoyable and fulfilling.

Ask yourself:  What do I love to do?  What am I good at?  How could I use these strengths to serve others?  Then ask the Lord to show you what ministry He wants you to be involved in.

Maybe your passion is music.  Could you use that talent in your church or to bless someone in a nursing home?  Do you love to cook and you have a knack for organization?  Try organizing a meal ministry for the elderly, new mothers, college students living in a dorm or those who are sick.  Perhaps you are the quiet, sensitive type.  Why not consider writing letters of encouragement to missionaries or the down hearted.  Your ministry can be to unbelievers, fellow Christians or your family.

I have a big list of ministry and job ideas in my ebook “Single Girl” but there are so many ministry opportunities out there if we just open our eyes and look for them.

God has given YOU unique gifts and talents but they are not just to keep for yourself they are meant to be used to bless others.

What ministries do you enjoy now or would like to begin in the near future?  Putting your suggestions in the comments will help stimulate each other and get our creative minds working.

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I’m Linked up to Raising Homemakers



A Missions Trip, My First Music Album & YOU!

Sweet Hymns ad#1Hi all!  I have something wonderful to tell you!   In just 2 short weeks I will be starting out on a 5 1/2 week missions trip to the country of New Zealand!

I will be going along with my grandparents and brother to help minister to a church while their pastor/missionary and his wife come back to the states for a few weeks.  My grandfather will be taking on the pastoral duties and we will be serving the church in other ways.

We will find out some additional ministery opportunities when we get there but here are a few specific things we plan to accomplish while in New Zealand:

  • I will be sharing the Gospel through my salvation testimony.
  • We will be teaching young children Bible lessons.
  • My brother Tyler and I will be ministering in song for a few different groups of people.
  • I will be giving away free copies of my new ebook “Single Girl” to the women and young ladies.
  • I will have the opportunity to personally deliver some of the many scarves from the Knit Together in Love project!!!

I am thrilled at God’s timing and direction for this trip.  I am also very happy that there will not be a language barrier.  This will make it much easier to serve and open up many additional opportunities for us.

My plan will be to keep you updated as time allows (or rather as we have internet connection haha) with pictures and reports about giving out the scarves and the other aspects of our missions trip.

Ways YOU can help!

1.)  Pray

We can’t foresee and prepare ahead of time for every opportunity or difficulty that may arise so prayers for wisdom, boldness, guidance and safety would be much appreciated.


2.)  Support

Trips like this are very expensive and while I have full confidence that the Lord will provide all of our needs if you would like to help support this trip here are a few ways you could consider:

#1  Download my new Sweet Hymns Album!

I’ve just recorded my first ever music album!!!  A few weeks back I worked with a guy from our church on creating an album with 9 of my favorite hymns.  The music is simple, just my voice and my brother Tyler’s guitar.  We aren’t professionals but it was fun to record and I hope you will enjoy it.  I love singing, and recording an album has been a dream of mine for many years.

You can download an instant copy of my Sweet Hymns album below.  There is not a set price for the MP3 album.  You can edit the price and decide how much you would like to put towards the music.  The money will be a great help in preparing for this missions trip!


Download the MP3 of Sweet Hymns Here!

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Songs Included are:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Be Still My Soul
  • Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • Holy, Holy, Holy
  • It Is Well With My Soul
  • My Jesus I Love Thee
  • No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus
  • The Blood Medley
  • What A Friend We Have In Jesus

#2  Buy the “Single Girl” ebook For Only $3.50!

If you have hesitated and haven’t purchased a copy of the “Single Girl” ebook I’m putting the PDF version on sale this week for only $3.50!  The profits from buying a copy for yourself or a loved one will also help with trip related expenses.   This is a good deal, the lowest price “Single Girl” has ever been!

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I believe this trip to New Zealand will be a wonderful experience, a time of ministry, service and refreshment.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the Lord works in my life through this opportunity and then being able to share that with you.
If you are so inclined please feel free to mention this post and the special ebook and album offers to your friends!

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FREE ebook to Pastor’s Wives, Sunday school Teachers & Leaders

Yesterday I announced the FREE Mentor Group Guide ebook to be used alongside “Single Girl” for Bible study and mentoring purposes.  As I mentioned before I want this to be an affordable study to encourage Titus 2 mentoring.

For the next 2.5 weeks (February 20th-March 8th) I will be running a special offer to Church leaders, pastor’s wives, Sunday School teachers and Bible study leaders.  If you fit into this category and intend to use the ebook and mentor guide to lead (or have someone else in your ministry lead) a Bible study I would like to give you a FREE copy of “Single Girl”.  I will also supply you with a special discount for the members in your study group to use when purchasing the ebook.


  • If you are interested please email me at and I will provide you with a simple application to fill out.


Not a leader but think this would be a blessing in your church or community?  Please feel free to mention this offer to the church leaders, pastor’s wives, Sunday School teachers and Bible study leaders that you know!  Or consider sharing it on Facebook or Twitter to get the word out so your friends can let their church leaders know!

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FREE “Single Girl” Bible Study Guide!!!

Download a FREE Mentor Group Guide!

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One topic mentioned in “Single Girl” is mentoring.  Mentoring and being mentored is such a valuable asset to a Christian’s life!

“The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”  -Titus 2:3-5

We all need to be learning from those who are a little farther ahead of us, spiritually and practically.  We also need to be pouring into the lives of those who are younger and sharing with them what the Lord has been teaching us.

The other day the Lord planted a desire in my heart to help encourage these types of mentoring relationships by creating a Mentor Group Guide to go along with “Single Girl”!

The Mentor Group Guide can be used as a resource to help start a mentoring relationship or lead a Bible study group.

The guide is meant to be used alongside the “Single Girl” ebook and includes a list of thought provoking questions, Scripture verses and weekly challenges to help women grow fuller and deeper spiritually and practically.  It also leaves room for those who are mentoring to share their life experiences and wisdom with the younger women they are leading.

Here are a few ideas of how you could use the Mentor Group Guide:

  • To kick off a new Church Bible study group
  • For existing Church Bible study groups
  • Personal one on one mentoring relationships
  • Summer menu classes held by your Church
  • Mother-daughter Bible study time
  • In home Bible studies- older, married women teaching younger women
  • In home Bible studies- College aged women leading younger girls


I have a great desire to see Titus 2 mentoring expand and grow.  This is a big reason why I am offering this study guide to you completely FREE!  I want the “Single Girl” ebook and Mentor Group Guide to be as affordable as possible so anyone can start or join a mentoring group!

Download as many copies as you’d like!  Feel free to share this with Sunday School teachers and Bible study leaders so they can take a look.  Encourage girls in your group study to download a copy so they can look over the questions before your group time starts.


 Buy the “Single Girl” ebook now

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“Single Girl” ebook Launch + Ultimate Beauty Bag Giveaway!!!

WooHoo!  This is an exciting day!  New blog design and new ebook!

I am so happy to present to you my newest book, “Single Girl…. the single woman’s guide to life, liberty and the pursuit of godliness”!!!!!

Are you single?  Are you a mother, friend, Sunday school teacher or leader who loves a single woman?  This ebook is for you!

Being a single girl, myself, I’ve struggled over the years.  How do I fit into the church body or society in general?  What is my role?  What am I supposed to do during this season of life?  How do I remain content when my heart is longing to move on?

I believe if the Lord is kind enough to teach you something you should be thankful enough to share it with others.  That’s how this ebook was born, out of my desire to share some of the things the Lord has been teaching me through the single years!


We will talk about things like:

  • Contentment- what it is and how to get it
  • How to grow spiritually as a single woman
  • Practical tips for preparing for the future
  • Job and ministry ideas
  • college alternatives
  • Discovering our identity and strengths
  • Outer Beauty tips- including finding your best colors and hair styles
  • Modesty tips
  • Guys and relationships

and much more!

You are of great value, my single friend!  You can live a fulfilled, joyful, life of freedom NOW, even during this single season!

And the best part?  These wonderful ladies have contributed to the ebook!  Sarah Mae blogger and co-author of “Desperate” shares a wonderful and encouraging letter to single women at the beginning of this book.  And New York Times best selling author, Darlene Schacht, from Time-Warp Wife was kind enough to write a beautiful Forward for us!  And pastor’s wife, Tracy Ferrell, ends the book with an amazing epilogue telling single women of their important role in the church!  These incredibly wise, godly women will be a great blessing to you!


“I wish I could have read Single Girl when I was single! Ashley’s ability to clearly discern how a young woman can wisely navigate her way through our modern culture is priceless. This book is packed with practical and spiritual wisdom for daily life. I highly recommend it for Single Girls everywhere!”
~Courtney Joseph, WomenLivingWell


“Amid the clamor of a hundred different voices constantly offering young women the answers to all their problems, there occasionally appears an authentic jewel. Single Girl is just such a gem, and we are indebted to Ashley Schnarr for writing it.

Single Girl is a clarion call to common sense and practical, godly wisdom. Based solidly on Scriptural principle and filtered through the life experience of an exemplary girl from an exemplary family, this book provides the insight that legions of young women are crying for. Do you have questions about dating and courtship? It’s covered here. Working at home? Covered as well. Issues with friendships, personal appearance, housekeeping skills, spiritual matters? Look no farther.

Single Girl is a one-stop source for real wisdom for the real issues facing single young women today. Read it, love it, live it. And make the most of your single years.”
~ Marilyn Boyer, The Learning Parent


Down load it now for only $4.95!

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(Instant PDF version)

Also available on Kindle and Nook!  


One more thing!  I’m giving away this Ultimate Beauty Gift Bag to one person at the end of this week.  Simply enter below for your chance to win!

The Ultimate Beauty gift basket includes:

  •  1 copy of the “Single Girl” ebook
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  • Aussie Finish hair spray
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  • Maybelline Pink Satin lipstick
  • Conair Lace-look barrette

The 31 makeup bag, clutch bag and nail file were all given to us by the lovely Meredith Morton!  She sells more of these useful yet beautiful bags here.  She has a bag for any occasion.  I’d encourage you to take a look!  You can find her on Facebook here.


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