“Single Girl” ebook Launch + Ultimate Beauty Bag Giveaway!!!

WooHoo!  This is an exciting day!  New blog design and new ebook!

I am so happy to present to you my newest book, “Single Girl…. the single woman’s guide to life, liberty and the pursuit of godliness”!!!!!

Are you single?  Are you a mother, friend, Sunday school teacher or leader who loves a single woman?  This ebook is for you!

Being a single girl, myself, I’ve struggled over the years.  How do I fit into the church body or society in general?  What is my role?  What am I supposed to do during this season of life?  How do I remain content when my heart is longing to move on?

I believe if the Lord is kind enough to teach you something you should be thankful enough to share it with others.  That’s how this ebook was born, out of my desire to share some of the things the Lord has been teaching me through the single years!


We will talk about things like:

  • Contentment- what it is and how to get it
  • How to grow spiritually as a single woman
  • Practical tips for preparing for the future
  • Job and ministry ideas
  • college alternatives
  • Discovering our identity and strengths
  • Outer Beauty tips- including finding your best colors and hair styles
  • Modesty tips
  • Guys and relationships

and much more!

You are of great value, my single friend!  You can live a fulfilled, joyful, life of freedom NOW, even during this single season!

And the best part?  These wonderful ladies have contributed to the ebook!  Sarah Mae blogger and co-author of “Desperate” shares a wonderful and encouraging letter to single women at the beginning of this book.  And New York Times best selling author, Darlene Schacht, from Time-Warp Wife was kind enough to write a beautiful Forward for us!  And pastor’s wife, Tracy Ferrell, ends the book with an amazing epilogue telling single women of their important role in the church!  These incredibly wise, godly women will be a great blessing to you!


“I wish I could have read Single Girl when I was single! Ashley’s ability to clearly discern how a young woman can wisely navigate her way through our modern culture is priceless. This book is packed with practical and spiritual wisdom for daily life. I highly recommend it for Single Girls everywhere!”
~Courtney Joseph, WomenLivingWell


“Amid the clamor of a hundred different voices constantly offering young women the answers to all their problems, there occasionally appears an authentic jewel. Single Girl is just such a gem, and we are indebted to Ashley Schnarr for writing it.

Single Girl is a clarion call to common sense and practical, godly wisdom. Based solidly on Scriptural principle and filtered through the life experience of an exemplary girl from an exemplary family, this book provides the insight that legions of young women are crying for. Do you have questions about dating and courtship? It’s covered here. Working at home? Covered as well. Issues with friendships, personal appearance, housekeeping skills, spiritual matters? Look no farther.

Single Girl is a one-stop source for real wisdom for the real issues facing single young women today. Read it, love it, live it. And make the most of your single years.”
~ Marilyn Boyer, The Learning Parent


Down load it now for only $4.95!

Buy Now

(Instant PDF version)

Also available on Kindle and Nook!  


One more thing!  I’m giving away this Ultimate Beauty Gift Bag to one person at the end of this week.  Simply enter below for your chance to win!

The Ultimate Beauty gift basket includes:

  •  1 copy of the “Single Girl” ebook
  • 31 makeup bag
  • 31 clutch bag
  • 31 nail file
  • Aussie shampoo
  • Aussie conditioner
  • Aussie Finish hair spray
  • Queen Helene cocoa body cream
  • Lash Blast mascara
  • Nalene french manucure kit
  • 2 pack Crest 3D Whitening Strips
  • Passion Peel Off mask
  • 5 piece Burt’s Bees kit
  • Maybelline Pink Satin lipstick
  • Conair Lace-look barrette

The 31 makeup bag, clutch bag and nail file were all given to us by the lovely Meredith Morton!  She sells more of these useful yet beautiful bags here.  She has a bag for any occasion.  I’d encourage you to take a look!  You can find her on Facebook here.


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  1. I found stay at home daughter on day when i was on another blog, i forget which one, but i’ve enjoyed it ever since. like the new look!

  2. O and probably the posts that I found the most helpful so far were actually the ones where you talked about your recent re-direction in your courtship. i know it’s been hard, but it’s always encouraging to see that God works all things out for his good.

  3. I first heard of Stay at Home Daughter through Facebook. I enjoy reading and learning through the posts— lots of encouragement as well :)

    BTW–Love the new look!!

  4. I first found out about Stay at Home Daughter Through Facebook. I enjoy just reading about your take on subjects. I really enjoy all the encouragement you give to others.

  5. I don’t remember which blog but I heard about SAHD in their post and how much it helped them and quickly went to check it out myself. I was not “single” anymore but all your posts can also be applied to my life and gives me a way to encourage other single women.


  6. Hello!
    I found your blog a while back through another blog and have loved it since!! I really enjoy reading your posts and getting a different perspective on different subjects.
    I really like the new look of your blog!! :)
    God bless :)

  7. I think I found your blog through another blog. I don’t remember exactly how, but I’m sure glad I did! Your passion for living for God is contagious, and it has been a blessing to me. So thanks! :) <3

  8. I found this blog by reading a guest post, I think or through some other blog. I have really enjoyed everything about this blog.

  9. Hi! I found out about your blog through Facebook.

  10. Well, I heard about stay at home daughter since you are my cousin! Lol I liked your post about your decision to save kissing until marriage and how God used that decision to protect your heart. Praying for you.

  11. I found you through a friend on FB :)

  12. So I really cannot remember how I found your blog. I love it though. I am not a single women but I believe I still get so much from you, and I am raising a daughter so I also feel that getting all the encouragement and help I can get is fabulous! Love your blog and am very excited about your new book! Blessings

  13. I can’t remember exactly where I heard about this blog. It was either from 365 Devotions for Unmarried Christian Women or from the Time Warp Wife.

  14. Donna Sweet says:

    I first heard about you on Facebook and shared your page with both my single, at home, daughter’s :) I’m going to encourage them to enter this contest as well. <3
    In Christ,
    Donna Sweet

  15. I wish I could remember where I found the link to your blog. Probably found you through Knit in Love somehow………… I am not single, but I have 2 single daughters and love reading your blog. Congrats on your new book!

  16. I first began reading Stay- at- Home-Daughter two years ago and it has been an absolute God send. At the time I began reading, I had been struggling with the Lord’s direction for my life. For years, the world shouted its lies in my ears, telling me that I was nothing unless I left home, pursued education and a career and established myself as an independent, powerful woman. And for years I believed, all the while chaffing away at home, sulking over my stagnant life. But God knew better of course. Through Ashley’s testimony and advice, I finally quieted my rebellious heart long enough to hear what God had been trying to tell me for so long. I realized the importance of godly parents, of submission, of how to occupy myself over this special time. And as result I have truly grown in not only my faith, but in my relationships and joy. Now, I still read the blog and am using it to encourage other young women coming upon this confusing season of life.
    Thank you, Ashley for listening to God’s calling and for multiplying your talents. You are a true inspiration and blessing and I look forward to more posts from the newly redecorated site (which looks amazing!).
    Your sister in Christ,

  17. I’m not sure where I first heard of stay at home daughter, but it was probably on Facebook or another blog.

  18. I found your blog through another blog (although, I can’t remember which one it was!) and I thoroughly enjoy your posts! Love the new look too :)

  19. I don’t remember how I first heard of you, but it was probably through another blogger! ;)

  20. I heard about Stay at Home daughter from a friend, and I have enjoyed all your post! They have all encouraged me sooooo much!!! Thank you so much! God bless you <3

  21. How exciting! Congratulations on finishing your book-it looks absolutely fabulous! Thank you for offering the opportunity to win this giveaway also :)

    I honestly can’t remember where I first heard about your blog…I believe it was through another blog, though. I’ve been a reader for a while now and always find great encouragement through your writing.

  22. I heard about Stay-at-Home Daughter from For Unmarried Christian Women.

  23. I heard about Stay-At-Home Daughter through my mom. She suggested I subscribe to the emails and see what I could learn from them.

  24. I found your blog through Jolen Engle’s blog,, in the Single Sisters section. I love reading here.

  25. I first heard about your blog through a Facebook group.

  26. I found out about Stay at Home blog by a friend. Since then I have be so encouraged and blessed by this blog in my single years. I been really blessed with series on what how to respect men and I loved the different ways to pray for your future husband as well. I love this bog and Gods work here

  27. I found out about your blog from my mom…she told me about you. :-)

  28. I found this wonderful blog several months ago on another, though I can’t recall which one. I have truly enjoyed all of you postings, especially since I have 2 daughters we are raising to be keepers at home. Thank you for your wonderful insight and transparency, I love sharing your posts with our daughters!

  29. I think I found Stay-at-Home-Daughter through a link-up on another blog. I appreciate Ashley’s joyful spirit that comes through her writing so well. Looking forward to reading “Single Girl”!

  30. I first heard of your blog/ebook through Brenda Rodgers (triplebraidedlife.com)

  31. Congrats! :) Shared!

  32. I think I first read your blog after you guest posted on Olivia’s blog a while ago before her baby was born and she stopped blogging.

  33. I heard about the blog from you Ashley. I think the most I have enjoyed most are your charts. No the recipes, no the craft items, no the music… I can’t pick just one :) Love you

  34. Sarabeth Sweet says:

    Hey, my mom showed me the page :)

  35. My mom told me about your blog. I have read almost everyone of your posts Ashley, and I have enjoyed reading all of them!

  36. Tori Wagner says:

    I found this blog from blog surfing other blogs like it….now I follow the facebook page and I love reading your facebook updates!

  37. I like the new look!!! I am excited about the book!!

  38. I found this blog when I was curious about the Stay at home daughters.I googled it and found the website.I found great encouragement in reading your posts.You are truly a great blessing to the Kingdom of God.

  39. Joanna Vanderkooi says:

    I just discovered you yesterday, so all I have read so far seems to be about the new ebook. I have a daughter who is 22 and a senior at Pensacola Christian College. She thinks she will be single forever, and your book looks wonderful as an encouraging tool. It matters not to her Daddy and me whether or not she marries. We just want God’s best and perfect will for her life. Period. I look forward to reading more of your blogging. She will be coming home to live with us in May, after she graduates. We are excited to have her back with us, too! Blessings! ~Joanna

  40. I found the SAHD blog through another blog about a year ago. One of my favorite posts is “Why I’m not in College” This post is a great reminder that college is not the only way to go and that character building and learning all happen in everyday life experiences!

  41. My friend Jaimie updates her blog quite regularly so I read hers a lot and found out about stay at home daughter from her blog :)

  42. I saw your blog from Living in the Light.

  43. I found your blog from Jolene’s blog, I love this! And shared it with my pastor’s wife.

  44. I discovered “Stay at Home Daughter” when I was doing a search on Google. I was working a new full-time job, and just felt wrong. I had been working for close to a year (previously as an employee at a grocery store), and the whole time I had a job I just didn’t think it was something I should be doing.

    With some thanks from a family whose daughters were Stay at Home Daughters, I managed to find some resources, and began considering that lifestyle for my own. On my own person research, I came across your blog. Two years ago.

    It really helped encourage me, and gave me an insight a to what that life looked like, how Biblical it was, and if it would work for me.

    Just a short time later I would leave my job, and live a life as a Stay at Home Daughter, revive my blog to chronicle my life as a public journal, and working with the Lord, my daily life as my ministry. It;s been 1 year and 5 months since I’ve made that decision.

    I do want to thank you for all that you’ve done, sharing your experiences on your blog, and giving words of wisdom. For someone like me, it really did help change my life, for the better.

    Thank you so much!

  45. i honestly can’t remember how I cam across your blog, but I love to visit! I think this is such a great book idea!

  46. I found your blog through Alabaster Jar!

  47. I found your blog through a link on a website that shared about staying pure and how we, as women, can dress/act/behave to help our brothers avoid temptation. Wish I could remember the name of it! Anyway, I love your blog, and I encourage my daughter to read, as well. I want young ladies today to know that being a stay at home daughter (and later, wife) is a viable, wonderful, life-giving option for the future!!

  48. Kristen M. says:

    I’m visiting after viewing a twitter link from Sarah Mae.

  49. I found your site on The Alabaster Jar blog that comes to my email. I love the new book and can’t wait to share it with my youngest daughter and several other young ladies! I would love to have it in paper back!

  50. I first heard of Stay at Home Daughter via another blog… it has been so long now that I can’t remember which one! I’ve always enjoyed the posts here and still do now that I am married!!!

    Many blessings to you, Ashley!

  51. My Mom told me about it. I really like all of the posts, but I think my favorites are the crafts and recipes. The new look is really pretty!

  52. I found this blog through my Mom. She found it by looking on another blog. I have enjoyed reading each post since.

  53. Brittanyrose864 says:

    I stumbled upon your blog around March/April of last year. (I’m not too sure, but a friend might have told me about your blog…) My favorite post so far has been “25 Ways to Pray for Your Future Husband”.


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