3 Gifts of Love for Your Future Husband

Valentines Day can be challenging for single women.  We all have a desire in our hearts to celebrate this holiday of love with our Mr. Right and while this year we may not be able to give material tokens of our affection there are several gifts we of love we CAN give to our future husbands, even if we haven’t met him yet.


Give the Gift of Living

Though it can be very tempting to want to sulk or aimlessly wander through our days just waiting for our Mr. Right one of the best gifts you can give your future husband is just living, living life.  Don’t waste this time in your life by simply waiting use it as a time to grow, learn and cultivate yourself as a individual.  Strive to grow spiritually.  Work toward profitable personal goals.  Be preparing for the future.  Taking this time to grow and thrive will be a great blessing when you begin your future marriage.


Give the Gift of Saving

Even if you think you may have found “The One” this Valentines Day give your future husband the gift of saving.  Save yourself physically and emotionally as much as possible until you marry Mr. Right.  With the romance of the holiday it can be easy to let your emotions and judgment get swept away in the moment but you will never regret giving the gift of saving.  We can’t know the future.  Even some of our best laid plans can be changed in a moment.  Give the gift of saving by purposing to wait to give your self to your husband.


Give the Gift of Praying

You may not know his name but this year for Valentine’s Day give your future husband the gift of praying.  Pray that he will be growing strong in the Lord and that he will use his time of singleness wisely.  Pray for yourself,  that the Lord will shape you into the wife your future husband needs you to be.  A few months back I created a list of 25 Ways to Pray for Your Future Husband along with a few free printable.  Feel free to look these up for more prayer ideas.


These are just three gifts the single woman can give her future husband.  I’m sure there are many more.  What is missing from this list?

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  1. Thank you, Ashley for this wonderful post! :)

  2. As a young married woman, I can’t emphasize enough how powerful it is to pray for your future spouse, even if you don’t know their name. I started praying for my now-husband during our sophomore year of high school (we didn’t meet till our first year of college), and little did I know how hard those high school years were going to be for him. God brought him through some difficult things, and we can see now that my prayers made a huge difference in his life. So I can say from experience: Ladies, pray for your future husbands–it really is an amazingly powerful thing!!

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