How to Get 5 Outfits for $19

I recently had a question form a reader:

“I must ask because it is so hard to find cute, modest clothes, but where do you get your clothes?”


I am a huge fan of cute, modest, feminine clothing!  Clothes shopping, outfit coordinating, and discovering flattering styles is one of my favorite hobbies.  I’m always on the look out for outfit inspiration and I love to try new styles but as you can imagine having a hobby like this could get pretty expensive very quickly.

To appease my style hunger without breaking the bank I found myself falling in love with thrift stores and consignment shops!

I can find top brands that I love for next to nothing.  Plus in my experience, for whatever reason, it’s MUCH easier to find modest, feminine clothing second hand.

Here are a few treasures I picked up.  5 outfits for under $20!

$3 Dress

$4 Skirt

$3 Dress

$4 Dress

$1 Blouse, $4 Skirt

What do you think?  How do you feel about thrift store shopping?  Does this post inspire you to give it a try?




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  1. All those clothes are very cute. I love the white skirt. I sometimes go to Goodwill and gotten shirts for a few dollars and I also shop at Super Target clearance and got shirts for 1.00-3.00 with coupons.

  2. I have been having really good luck at Goodwill and other second hand stores lately. Lovin’ it! Thanks for sharing your cute deals!

  3. Crystal Wilson says:

    Love your thrifty finds! I shop goodwill when I can and have found recently 2 skirts in great shape and a nice blouse that will really come in handy once it is a little cooler. Really love the bluejean skirt at the end!!!

  4. I just bought 2 nice shirts for a quarter at a flea market. Yes, that’s 12.5 cents a piece! Also try looking on Craigslist or the Facebook yardsale groups for very cheap clothing. I like Goodwill too but seems like their prices have gone up. (Though I did get my wedding dress from there for $50 and had some alterations & peices added to it to make a beautiful, unique custom dress that no one else had!)

  5. Cute outfits. I love the turqouise dress, and the 4$ skirt. I buy most of my clothes at Goodwill and resale shops. I really wish I could find some Docker khaki slacks with the pleats in front, I hate the flat front.

  6. I have always loved shopping at thrift stores. My husband and I have 4 children and on a low one person income. We do not accept help from the govt and are always looking for bargains. we always have our children dressing nicely and modestly. They are never wearing out of style clothes but are always covered for a much cheaper price. Where we live, it is difficult to find modest skirts or dresses because of the modern style of clothes and being from a fairly small town. Thrift stores are a great option not only to save money but also to find appropriate clothing. We do like yard sales too, however it is sometimes difficult to find modest clothing there too.

  7. Cute post! I LOVE your deals – and your thriftiness! I really enjoy shopping at resale shops too!

    • Courtney, you know what? YOU are the one who got me into thrifting. I often read the blog and one day this cute, happy lady shared a video there on thrift store shopping. I’d never really been thrift shopping before and I didn’t think a person could really find nice clothing at thrift stores. Your video changed my mind, has saved me hundreds of dollars and helped me discover something I LOVE. Thank you!

      I think that video was how I first came across your blog. I so admired (and do admire) you that I kept reading…. never dreaming of the way you blog linkups would help my blog grow or that I would begin working with you one day!

      It’s amazing the way God can put two friends together… even when we are so far away from each other. THANK YOU for your video and you great blog!

  8. Super cute outfits! Nicely done:)

  9. Ashley, thank you for sharing your modest thrifty tips! Our local thrift store has all clothing half price on Mondays, so when we are in need of something we plan a Monday shopping trip. I wanted to ask you what brand your denim skirt was, if you don’t mind my asking. I am in need of a new one and really like to style of yours. Thanks! ~Jordan

  10. Thrift stores-cue the angels singing! You are spot on: thrift does not have to mean dowdy and ugly.

    Our daughters grew up on yard sale clothes, and they have joined us as avid thrift store shoppers. Their isn’t a much better bargain on the planet.

    Not only do they provide adorable clothing and household goodies for very little money, they are a bonanza if you know how to re-create. My youngest takes thrift and freebie finds, and turns them into fresh and fashionable clothes, or outfits for dress up day at her assisted living workplace. It’s a double dip helping of delight: the initial item is inexpensive, and the new piece is fun and stylish. She even turned an 80′s poufy wedding dress into a ballet costume. I couldn’t resist blogging about it, the outfit was so darn cute.

  11. Some of my favorite dresses come from Goodwill! Very cute clothes!

  12. Oh my goodness, good job, they are totally cute!

  13. I have whole outfits that I got for free. I have a dress that is stretchy, long and form fitting that I pulled out of an Ohio University sorority Dumpster 13 years ago when my husband was a student there. I liked visiting him on the moving out weekends– Not only to help him, but to go Treasure Hunting. (The dress is black and I’m 5’11″ and 137. It makes me look skinny, but it’s a good all-purpose dress– From Sunday mornings, and it’s my standard funeral dress and it packs without wrinkling so I’ve taken it to a few Broadway plays.) Now, we live near another university town in Ohio and the first two years we lived here, I went treasure hunting. Last year, I didn’t because my now 21-month-old son was still nursing every few hours and this year, we were busy. Eh.

    With two small children, I don’t have the time to browse Goodwill the way I used to. So, I check the stores (usually WalMart) first. Also, being small in weight, I have also gotten a few things off the kids’ racks– Earlier this summer I found a size large plain white Tshirt on the boys’ clearance rack at WalMart for $1 and a couple of weeks ago, I found a hunter green golf shirt (a girl’s large) for $1. Last year, I found a cardigan that has a hook-and-eye closure in the middle of the chest that’s a girl’s 18 that I found at Justice for a couple of dollars. It’s not only big to begin with, but with the way it closes, I could wear it for maternity as well. And, a few weeks ago, we were at Kohl’s with my MIL (who had the Kohl’s cash to spend and the kids neeeded clothes) and found a short-waisted jacket (it’s a large, so it barely fits) off the girl’s rack for $3.

    My husband’s sister, who is not thrifty (I’m flat out cheap), thinks I’m weird. Yet, I’ve benefited from her old clothes as well. IF it weren’t for her, I would have been “afraid” of horizontal stripes, but got a few horizontal striped sweaters from her. (As well as my favorite jeans– black skinny jeans.) Anyway, I’m babbling and it’s time for the kids’ breakfast and a coffee refill.

  14. I love them all! Great finds for a great price! You look beautiful!

  15. They are all really nice… but that white floral dress is so pretty!

  16. A bunch of the ladies in the area started a clothes closet where we bring in our “gently-used” clothes and pick up “new” ones. It’s in a Sunday School room at the church and is open from 10-4 weekdays for anyone. All that we ask is that you limit yourself to one grocery bag worth of clothes per visit. It’s a great way to get clothes for free!

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