FREE mini Modesty ebook, Fashion Giveaway and More {Birthday Party Day 2}

It’s day 2 of the Stay-At-Home Daughter Birthday Party and we’re having a modest fashion show linkup!  Submit your old or new blog posts on modesty, fashion, beauty, accessory making tutorials, makeup & hair tutorials, or a post with pictures of your favorite modest outfit(s)!

And guess what!  We’ve got party favors today!  I’m giving away a FREE mini ebook called “50 Trendy Tips For Dressing Modestly” to everyone who “likes” Stay-At-Home Daughter on Facebook!  


 “50 Trendy Tips For Dressing Modestly” is a short ebook with many tips and solutions for the Christian woman who desires to please the Lord in the way she dresses.  Modesty doesn’t have mean frumpy.  I’m a firm believer in beautiful modesty!

This mini ebook will only be available for FREE for a short time.  Click here to “like” Stay-At-Home Daughter on Facebook After you’ve hit the “like button” (or if you have in the past) go to the Stay-At-Home Daughter Facebook wall and click on the tab on the left that says “Only Likers” to download your FREE copy!

It’s completely free and there are plenty to go around so please share about the ebook with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Now for some fun fashion and beauty giveaways!

Caroline, from The Modest Mom, is generously giving away any 1 of these great modesty shells to 1 winner.  Take a closer look here and check out the rest of her website!  Plus if you use this code at the check out  “10offmodestmom” you can receive 10% off any purchase of The Modest Mom products!!!


Chelsea, from 365 Devotions For Unmarried Christian Women, would like to give away 2 $15 gift certificates to Lilla Rose Flexiclips!  Chelsea has a wonderful blog and you can stay updated by following her on Facebook!

Lilla Rose offers beautiful hair products that will help you style your hair in just minutes! They work in all different hair types, from thin smooth hair to thick curly hair, there is a size and style for everyone!

The flexi clip is a one piece clip that works in all different hair textures and lengths. It comes in mini to mega sizes!

Lilla Rose also sells O-Rings, Hair Bands, Hair Sticks, Bobby Pins, and You Pins. You can see all of the products here.

To watch the sizing and styling video go here.”


Next we have a beautiful vintage style necklace from Shabby Apple!  Shabby Apple jewelry and dresses are so pretty and you can stay updated on sales and new items by “liking” them on Facebook!

For the next 30 days you can use this code “stayathome10off” and receive 10% off Shabby Apple products!  Enter to win this gorgeous necklace called “ Key to Wonderland”! Don’t you just love that name?  (The winner must have a US shipping address and  there will be no exchanges for the winning piece of jewelry).

Here’s how to enter the giveaways!

(1 Mandatory Entry) Leave a comment with your favorite tip for modesty!

Extra Entries (leave a separate comment for each entry telling what you did):

  • Follow Stay-At-Home Daughter on Twitter = 1 entry
  • Subscribe to Stay-At-Home Daughter’s email updates = 1 entry
  • Visit  365 Devotions For Unmarried Christian Women =1 entry
  • Share about this giveaway on Facebook = 3 entries (leave 3 separate comments for this)
*Giveaways end Feb. 17th

Now let me start off the fashion show!  Here are a few of my favorite modest outfits and I’ve added some of my modest fashion posts to the link up.

Don’t for get to linkup your old or new blog posts on modesty, fashion, beauty, accessory or hair tutorials or a post with pictures of your favorite modest outfit(s)!  If it has to do with modest fashion link it up!

I hope everyone has a good time and checking out the fun modest fashion posts in the linkup!

Don’t forget to “like” Stay-At-Home Daughter on Facebook for your free mini ebook and enter the giveaway!




I’m linked up to: Women Living Well, Raising Homemakers

Link up your modest fashion posts below!

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  1. Just because a skirt is long enough when you’re standing doesn’t mean it will be when you’re sitting. Sit down and take a look in the mirror to see what people sitting across from you see.

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  5. The four-finger trick is my favorite for figuring out if a shirt is too low in the front: place your thumb across your collar bone and lay your hand vertically on your chest; if your blouse cuts lower than your pinkie, you may have a problem! :) I use that tip all of the time!

  6. I subscribed to your email updates!

  7. Christine Poteet says:

    My tip is this: Who are dressing for? If you focus on pleasing the Lord, then everything else falls into place. :)

  8. Christine Poteet says:

    I am subscribed to your email updates. (LOVE them)!

  9. Christine Poteet says:

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  12. I am not sure I am doing this right but I shared your link on facebook so I guess I write 3 comments on here? 1

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  15. I don’t know if this is a tip so much as a thought I try to always remember. I read this in a book once, and although it is not the exact words, it was tlaking about how if you are dressed in a wrong way then it is not just the man’s fault if he looks at you with lust. It is also your sin! I think many women like to blame the man and say how wrong they are and never take responsibility.

  16. Asking yourself if the outfit or even just the reason behind wearing it is honoring to the Lord and your body….or if it’s just “easier” and to be accepted in others eyes is always a good tip! I think we can be stylish and modest without needing to look like what’s become acceptable to most nowadays. :) Thank you so much for the giveaway! I look forward to reading more on your blog.

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  20. If you are unsure — ask your husband!

  21. I checked out the 365 for unmarried christian women

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  24. Layering tops & asking for a second opinion if in doubt. :)

  25. I’m subscribed :)

  26. I think the simplest thing to do is to make sure your heart is right… Then, if you look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’d be happy to have Jesus see your outfit, you’re probably going to be fine!

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  28. I visited “365 Devotions For Unmarried Christian Women”

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  32. Tiffany Mayberry says:

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    Shared with my friends on facebook!

  34. Tiffany Mayberry says:

    Great give away! Shared on facebook!

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    I checked out the 365 for unmarried christian women

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    I receive emails :)

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  38. I think it’s wise to ask ourselves why we’re wearing what we’re wearing. What is our motive? Would Jesus be pleased?

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  40. Visited “365 Devotions…”.

  41. I liked Stay at home daughter on FB.
    Thank you!

  42. I visited 365 Days of Devotions.., thank you!

  43. I shared this giveaway on FB. THank you!

  44. Teresa Messick says:

    I visited The Modest Mom and simply loved the shell! Keeping inexpensive round neck tees in every color (when I find them on sale—frugality!) is my favorite way to be modest with my wardrobe. They can be layered with jackets or under dresses with too much skin showing. Leggings are also my new favorite!

  45. I found that wearing some tank tops backwards help cover my neck more and be modest at the same time.

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  48. Subscribed to email!! =)

  49. Another way to use a mirror is to check your blouse. Lean forward in a mirror and whatever you see….that is what another person will see if you lean in front of them! (My Grandma taught me that rule!)

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  51. visited the devotions blog!

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  55. Rebecca T. says:

    Layering is a great way to be modest. Putting a tank with a higher neck under a shirt that’s too low or putting leggings under a dress that is too short!

  56. Rebecca T. says:

    Following via twitter @tigg1990

  57. Wearing tank tops under my shirts allows me the confidence to know I am completely covered!

  58. Always wear shorts under a skirt! It doesn’t matter the style or length of skirt, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry!

  59. A modesty tip that I should probably use more often is to ask your dad his opinion of your outfit.

  60. I have recently started following you through email updates and find them very encouraging!

  61. Another modesty tip that my mother has passed down to me is to wear the proper length slip with your skirts. Although some skirts are thick enough, having a slip gives an extra layer of warmth and modesty. If your slip it too short, there is a possibility that others may be able to see through the fabric.

  62. I visited 365 Devotions for Unmarried Christian Women. It is a wonderful website and I look forward to reading more from Chelsea! Thanks for sharing her link! ~Jordan

    PS I love your white coat, it’s beautiful!


  64. Why do you wear what you are wearing? Does what you wear bring glory to Christ? Or does your outfit draw attention to yourself?

    The Modesty Survey has also been a great resource for me.

  65. Subscribing to your emails! Thank you so much!

  66. I followed you on twitter @Keirst7

  67. My tip is to have a good layering shell.

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  71. Tip: Err on the side of caution.

  72. When trying a new shirt always bend over and check to see if it gaps and shows anything it shouldn’t. It might look modest when standing up, but make sure when you bend over to talk to one of your little ones, tie a shoe, etc. that it doesn’t show something.

  73. Crafty Mama says:

    Bloomers under skirts! :)

  74. Crafty Mama says:

    I am following Stay-At-Home Daughter on Twitter! (StephanieW—–)

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    I am subscribed to Stay-At-Home Daughter’s email updates! :)

  76. Crafty Mama says:

    I visited 365 Devotions For Unmarried Christian Women (good post on modesty today! :D).

  77. Crafty Mama says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook! :D Entry #1

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    I shared the giveaway on Facebook! :D Entry #2

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    I shared the giveaway on Facebook! :D Entry #3

  80. Layering has always been the answer for me.

  81. I suscribed!

  82. I really like the modesty test, where you bend over while looking in a mirror to check and then raise your arms over your head to check for any stomach showing.

  83. I visited 366 Devotionals for unmarried Christian Woman!

  84. Modesty Tip: Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, you should be veiled & treasured!

  85. I like you on FB.

  86. I receive your email updates.

  87. The “Praise Jesus” shirt test! Raise your hands in the air and see if your midriff shows. If so, either wear a shell or tank underneath or pass the shirt on to someone else. We do this all the time with my daughter, and even myself. You never know if a shirt has shrunk!

  88. Sarah Avila says:

    I always do a bend over test to make sure you can’t see down my shirt; if you can see down it, I layer with something underneath it.

  89. Sarah Avila says:

    I follow you on Twitter

  90. Sarah Avila says:

    I subscribe to your emails

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    I visited 365 Devotions

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  95. My favorite tip for modesty? If you are blessed with a Christian father and brothers, you have a fantastic resource available…I never cut tags off clothing I buy without trying everything on for my Daddy. :)

  96. I’m subscribed to receive your e-mail updates.

  97. I visited ’365 devotions for unmarried Christian women.’

  98. A bare belly is not only unsightly but also unladylike. Before you leave the house, reach your hands far above your head to test how high the shirt will lift up. Can also be used to test if a long shirt will stay tucked in throughout the day.

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