Knit Together in Love 2011

When I was younger I had the privilege of going on a short term missions trip to France and Russia with my grandparents.

While on the trip I was able to minister to various children’s groups. I had the opportunity to share my salvation testimony, encourage some of the children with music and help the kids make fun crafts. My favorite experience was when I was able to visit an orphanage in Russia. There I shared my testimony through a translator. The missionary with us brought small gifts and she allowed me to help her pass them out to the children. The gifts were little things like mittens, slippers and candy.

Even though the gifts were small and seemingly insignificant the children were so excited to receive them! For these poor children these little treasures meant everything to them! It was so different from our society where we often take small things like these for granted.

This deeply touched my twelve-year-old heart. I wanted to do something more to bless these children. I wanted them to hear the Gospel again.

Before I had left for the trip a friend of mine taught me how to knit so I would have something to do on the long air plane rides. The Lord laid it on my heart to use this new talent to share with others. When I got back home I got together a group of girls to help knit and crochet scarves to send back to the missionary so they could pass out the scarves to the children and have an open door to share the Gospel.

We have continued the Knit Together in Love scarf project every year since, sending nearly 300 scarves to different countries all over the world.

I’ve received stories back from different missionaries telling us what a blessing it was to be able to hand out the scarves in their women and children’s ministries. The scarves have been used as a tool to share the Gospel and they have even encouraged a new family to come to church for the first time.

This year I’d like to invite YOU to join the 2011 Knit Together in Love scarf project! Our goal will be to send 50 scarves to bless some of the women and children’s overseas.

There are three ways you can help:

1.}  As the Lord brings it to your mind would you please pray for the Lord’s blessing on this project and that the scarves would be used to warm the children physically and warm their hearts spiritually so they would be open to hearing the Gospel.

2.}  Donate a new, handmade scarf or scarves! You can help keep a child warm with your donation. You can use whatever design you like but please make the scarves at least 21” long and at least 4” wide. We will need the donations in by December 3rd  and I will need your commitment by September 25th. You can send me an email at: stayathomedaughter (at) hotmail (dot) com if you would like more information or just leave a comment below.

3.}  What if you don’t know how to make a scarf but you would still like to be involved in the project? There are various costs in a project like this such as supply costs and shipping fees to send the scarves. Would you be willing to donate $2 to help offset this cost? This is greatly appreciated. If you would like to give finically you can donate through the PayPal option below. It’s safe and you don’t have to sign up for an account.

Thank you so much in advance for your prayers and support of this project. You can receive updates on the project if you “like” Knit Together in Love on facebook.

Also, would you please help us spread the word by sharing this link  with your friends on Facebook and Twitter?

Countries we have sent scarves to: Russia, France, Nepal, Romania

I will be letting you know very soon where we will be sending them this year. I’ve contacted some missionaries and I’m waiting to hear back from them.

Feed back from missionaries to received scarves from Knit Together in Love:

Most of the scarves were given out to children in the village of Trisuli. This is a very poor area and the pastor of a little church where we work tried to help the children in the area. They need to walk for a very long way to school, so during the worst of the winter months, he houses them at the church so they are closer. We do not sponsor the children there, but we have provided blankets and vitamins in the past. These kids have probably never had anything that was new and pretty. It is a wonderful blessing for them.


The scarves came and we have enjoyed the delights of the people as we give them away. The non-believers that we give them to, we are giving the gospel. Just yesterday a lady and her 2 daughters came to get some scarves for their large family of 7 children. We took the time to give them the gospel and the scarves. For the first time today this lady came to church. We are so thankful for all the work that you all did to make this gift possible. The package came right after Christmas. We were surprised at how large the package was. Thank you so much for the sacrifice of your time and money that went into this project.



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  1. Yanette Dyrud says:

    I am making some scarves, I would like to know where to send them to.
    I am not a professional but I think these are nice.
    Thanks and I wil be waiting to hear form you soon.
    Yanette D.

  2. What a wonderful idea! I served as a short-term missionary in a refugee camp in the Balkans when I was in college, and some of us from the church where I grew up still send scarves, hats, mittens and toiletries over every year.

  3. Hi Ashley,

    I would like to make some scarves. I am not sure how many I can finish by the deadline, but am willing to try. I saw that you said the scarves need to be 21″ ~ is that correct? Thanks *~Karen

    • Wonderful!!!! Thank you so much for your help! I will be sending you an email soon with all the info. If you do not receive it you can email me at stayathomedaughter (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. Dear Ashley,

    My name Lynzie Coller. I am eleven and a half. I have put your button on my blog, and I was wondering if we could be friends. I have learned to crochet and have made two scarfs ( and have made many other projects such as doilies and afghans). One of the scarfs that I made was for me, and the other, I was planning on selling. I was wondering if I could join this thing about sending scarfs. I could make two. Thank you so much.

    Lynzie Coller

    (Hi Ashley, I’m Lynzie’s Mom, Sarah, and I just wanted to let you know that it’s fine with me if Lynzie signs up to make the scarves. I’ve been a follower of your blog for about a week now and you are such a blessing..thank you!)

  5. Hi Ashley,

    I thought it might be fun to started a Knit Together in Love group on the knitting website It could be a way to let others know of the project and be a source of encouragement as well.

    Let me know what you think,
    Miss Else

    • Hi Miss Else,
      I don’t know anything about but that sounds like a great idea! Would you set up the group for us? After you know how many the group will plan to make you can shoot me an email or fill out the form on the Knit Together In Love page.

      Thanks for your suggestion!

  6. I would to send some scarves. I’m not sure how many I can finish. What a great idea!

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