Communism & Feminism?

In my recent study of the feminist movement I came across an article linking feminism to communism. This thought had never occurred to me but as I began to research this further, the similarities became frighteningly clear. In this post I’d like to share some of the information from my research so you can see a few of the dangers of the feminist movement.

First lets look at a few similarities between feminism and communism:

  • Both want “equal” outcome (F-male/female C- lower class/upper class)
  • Both squelch freedom of speech (those opposed to their ideology are often physically or verbally punished)
  • Both advocate big-government and authoritative institutions
  • Both, at the roots, are very racist (I’ll make this more clear in a minute)
  • Both are pro-abortion (think Planned Parenthood and genocide)
  • Both are Pro-euthanasia
  • Both frown on biblical/traditional families
  • Both are rooted in atheism (they reject God and His plan for family and government)


My understanding of communism is that it promotes commonness for the majority (the sameness of people, classes, “races”, ownership and wealth). Communism is very hostel to diversity. It attempts to put people into a box and conform them to be just like everyone else (exterminating those who do not fit in the box) in order to manipulate them to rely on the power and control of a small, elect group of people or government.

Feminism likewise promotes the sameness of people. You can clearly see this in their quest for “equality” (in actuality this means no diversity) in gender and class. When you look at the core of feminism you can see it also discourages diversity in “races” (in reality we are all one race but that’s a topic for another day.) Did you know a black baby is three times more likely to be aborted than a white baby?  I say this not to bash the black community but to demonstrate that feminist institutions, such as Planned Parenthood, prey on those who do not conform to the sameness that is their ultimate goal. It is also no secret that the Feminist Movement is much in favor of big-government.

Doesn’t this sound all too familiar to the communist mentality?

Let me now direct your attention to the accomplishments of just two very influential women in the feminist movement:

Margaret Sanger:

Committed Feminist, creator of Planned parenthood, great encourager of eugenics, devout Marxist.


Betty Friedan:

Often called the mother of the modern feminist movement, very influential in the second wave of feminism, former Communist Party member. (read my response to one of Friedan’s articles here)


From all my research I draw the conclusion that not every feminist is a communist but every communist would support feminist ideology because they both come from the same root and lead in the same direction. Both ideologies, at the roots, deny God and are seeped in the destruction of life, God-ordained roles, the biblical family and the proper place of government. They both, at the core, reject the sweet differences in gender, “race” and social status that God created. Whenever we stray from God’s original plan the consequences are devastating. We can see some of the results as we look at history and even around us today.

I do not want this article to be misunderstood. I realize many women who call themselves feminists do not believe or agree with all of the feminist doctrines mentioned above. My intention is not to bash those who call themselves feminists but to uncover the truth and roots of feminism so we can see the great danger it can ultimately culminate to if it is not dealt with.

So what can we do to reverse the feminism that runs so rampantly around us?

First we need to pray. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Stand firm in the teachings of God’s Word and make sure we govern our lives by the Bible not by what everyone else is doing. Speak the Truth in love, humbly exposing error in the light of God’s Word. Cling to the Gospel, for that is our only hope. Only Jesus Christ can change hearts and lives and I know it to be true because at a young age He changed this rebellious, feministic heart of mine.

What if this is the first time you are hearing about the dangers of feminism? Is there a pressing guilt? Maybe you have feministic tendencies, maybe you are a racist at heart, perhaps you have undergone an abortion. Whatever it is let me assure you there is no sin too big, too wrong for God to forgive. You can be totally forgiven and released from your guilt and shame, made clean and new if you will but come to God through His Son Jesus! If you would like to hear more about this total forgiveness send me a message or read my page on the Gospel.

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  1. As someone who grew up in a communist country – I have to agree with you… great point!

  2. I enjoyed this very much. Keep up the good work! :)

  3. Great points! Especialy about the need for prayer…our greatest & most effective weapon against the power of darkness & evil! I enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing with us!

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