Modesty: Don’t forget to…

Here are a couple of often forgotten tips for modesty.

Don’t forget to…

Sit Modestly
When you sit your clothes lay on you totally different from when you are standing. That skirt that was completely modest when you were standing can creep up another couple of inches when you sit down. It’s a good idea to make a habit of properly adjusting your skirt every time you sit down. Check to make sure it’s still appropriately covering your legs not only from the top where you can see but also from the front where others can see.

Cross Modesty
Crossing your legs is a very feminine posture however it must be done right or it shouldn’t be done at all. I can’t tell you how many women I’ve seen with ordinarily modest skirts turned immodest when they carelessly crossed their legs. The simple solution to this is to cross concisely and carefully remembering to tuck in and adjust your skirt as you go so others cannot see to far up and in.

Bend Modesty
Your blouse is perfectly modest when you look in the mirror but be sure to do the “Bend Test”. When you lean forward is there anything being exposed that shouldn’t be? If so make sure you place you hand over your neckline before you bend. It’s much easier to remember if you just make a habit of this no matter what shirt you are wearing.

Be Active Modestly
Before you go to an event or activity think about what you are going to be wearing to make sure you are dressing appropriately. For example you wouldn’t wear the same outfit to a concert where you will be sitting as you would to a sports activity where you will be moving around a lot. Are you going to be climbing a latter to hang party decorations? Sitting on the floor to play with children? Riding a bike or working in the yard? All of these activities are great but we must make sure our attire is well suited for each of these activities.

Have I forgotten anything that you would like to add? Leave me a comment with your tips!

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  1. Amanda Rogers says:

    Adding to the bend over part- the current “style” of hipsters and low-rise often create a problem from the rear when women bend over or even squat down. I cannot tell you how many underwears I have seen from fellow moms bending down to tend to their children.

  2. Excellent tips! I do most of these things, though sometimes I forget to keep my neckline or my hemline in check. Since I know I will forget, I usually wear a fitted tank top (The slimming kind, shh! Don’t tell!;D) under my blouses and fitted shorts or spanx under my skirts (Also slimming! Helps keep things like underwear lines from showing, too!). The shorts are always a plus if an errant breeze grabs a flowy skirt! I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stephanie says:

    To go along with sitting, watch how you get in and out of the car if you’re wearing a skirt….you don’t want to flash anything as you sit.

  4. Judy Brodie says:

    One thing to think about might be if you are the one answering the door and you happen to be lounging in PJ’s, etc. you may want to think ahead about what you couid quickly throw on that is modest so you are not caught off guard.

  5. Unique post – I am always interested in things about modesty so this is great. Thanks!

  6. My sisters and I purpose not to visit a clothing store to purchase clothes for ourselves alone. We try to make sure 1 or more of us acompany each other. We do several tests. Reaching something on a shelf. bending down and grabbing as if to pick up a child. setting the table. squatting as if to pick up a fallen object. sitting down and standing back up. If an article of clothing can’t pass all these tests then they don’t come home with us! Thanks for posting these reminders!

  7. Some might disagree with me and consider me extreme, but watch how you shed a layer. I’m not talking about an overcoat, but say a sweater over a turtleneck or blouse or t-shirt. If you get hot and decide you don’t need that added layer, don’t just peel it off in front of everyone. Not only can your sweater “grab” the modest shirt underneathe and pull it up with it, but even the action of shirt removal can be immodest.

  8. Slips.. If only all the sincerely-trying-to-be-modest ladies understood that just because a skirt is a dark color does not mean it is not see-through. All good reminders.

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